The World’s Most Luxurious Dog Collars

Dogs are no strangers to expensive pet accessories these days. From the luxurious custom-made doghouses to princess-draped dog cushions and luxury dog collars, dogs can live the diva life. However, these pet accessories still pale in comparison to the diamond dog collars. Diamond dog collars are considered to be the most luxurious dog collars ever made.

The diamond dog collars are considered the most luxurious dog collars in the world – and rightfully so! After all, the most pricey out of the diamond dog collars cost more than three million dollars. If you want the cheapest diamond dog collar for your pet, you will need to spend $150,000 and get super tight security.

Buying diamond dog collars are becoming mainstream. Pet owners only want the best for their dogs, and so they spend a hefty sum just for these diamond dog collars. Here are the diamond dog collars that top the list of most luxurious dog collars in the world.

La Jeune Tulipeluxury dog collars

The La Jeune Tulipe is probably the cheapest diamond dog collar available. It costs an estimate of $150,000. The diamond used on this particular dog collar is a 1.52-carat diamond cut in marquise style. The arrangement of the diamonds in La Jeune Tulipe follows brilliant, pear, and marquise shapes.

La Jeune Chériluxury dog collars

This 15-carat diamond collar is inspired by the warmth and energy emanating from newly born pups. The centerpiece of La Jeune Chéri is a heart-shaped diamond that has a weight of 3.5 carats. Aside from the heart-shaped diamond highlight, it also has eight round diamonds adorning the crocodile leather collar band. These round diamonds weigh a total of five carats. There are also handset diamonds embedded in the collar, which totals no less than 470. La Jeune Chéri costs $378,000.

La Chéri

With a price tag of $498,000, La Chéri features another heart-shaped diamond pendant weighing 2.7 carats. The centerpiece is also surrounded by five diamonds that weigh more than a carat each. There are also around 630 handset diamonds embedded in the leather collar, which then totals to no less than 25 carats.

L’Étoileluxury dog collars

Your dog will feel like a superstar with the L’Étoile dog collar. This diamond collar has five 1.5-carat brilliant shaped diamonds. Unlike the other collar bands that are made of crocodile leather, L’Étoile is made from ostrich leather. 400 handset diamonds are embedded in the band too, which totals to 27-carats all in all. This piece is worth $518,000 in the market.

luxury dog collarAmour de la Mer

The Amour de la Mer, which means “love of the sea”, showcases its sapphire pendant that is as cerulean as the ocean. The 8.5-carat centerpiece is made to stand out by the surrounding 600 handset diamonds. With the ostrich leather band, this luxurious dog collar has enough durability and flexibility to last a lifetime. The price of Amour de la Mer is $899,000.

luxury dog collarAmour

Tagged as the most costly dog collar around the world, Amour, Amour is a 52-carat dog collar. The chandelier designed dog collar has 1,600 handset diamonds adorning the 7-carat brilliant-shaped centerpiece. The collar band is a delicate combination of crocodile leather and 18-carat white gold. Amour, Amour is sold at $3,200,000.

Top 3 Luxurious Dog Collars on Amazon

These are the top 3 luxurious collars designed more affordable with small and large sapphires. These can be a good choice for your dog:

Tsavari Monarch 48 ctw Sapphire Collar for Dogluxury dog collar

The Monarch is ultra-luxurious collar designed in the USA, and it consists of 3.32 ct. Hand cut sapphires of white color. There are 16 1.23 ct sapphires of white color. It is one of the soft and luxurious leather available on the market. They used Mirabella lambskin and plated it with 24 karat gold or Rhodium. You should tell neck size to get the custom collar.

Reviews by Customers

This luxury dog collar receives numerous positive reviews because the customers are happy with the quality of this amazing dog collar. The leather is precious and unique to protect the stones.  If you want patented applications of stones, this will be a right choice for you.

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Evans 20” Crocodile Collarluxury dog collars

If you are looking for a masterpiece, these luxury dog collars can be a right choice for you. The Pearlized Mirabella lambskin or white, black and brown crocodile are used in the designing of this collar. The tundra sheepskin is used to design a durable and soft collar furnished with pure rhodium or 24 karat gold. Every collar is designed in the USA and can handle wear and tear. The sapphires are genuinely produced to fixed in the collar, and the collar can be designed according to the neck size of cats and dogs. These are durable and most luxurious leathers in the market. You can get the lifetime warranty with this collar and hand cut jewels.

Reviews by Customers

The people are happy with the quality of customers and designs of collars. They claim that they took their pets to fashion shows, and they won this show. Everyone can get these collars, but make sure to give accurate sizes of the necks of your pet.

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Evans Collars Lambskin 12” Pearlizedluxury dog collar

If you want a flashy collar, you can select this one that is covered with five rows of the masterpiece. It is designed by a leather specialist and hand cut stones are used to decorate the leather. The collar is designed in the USA and can withstand with the continuous wear. It will be better to give the neck size of your dog and cat to get the collar of a right size. The weight of the collar and the number of stones may vary by its size and width.

Reviews by Customers

This luxury dog collar can be designed on your order, and this will help you to decorate the neck of your dog. The customers are happy with it and report their complete satisfaction with the quality and design of this collar. You can also use these collars before taking your pets to trade shows.

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